For Industry Certification Courses, please follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 FOR NEW USER, click on the Create new account button to create your own Login Name.
Step 2 A temporary password will be sent to you on your corresponding email address which you have to change upon accessing the Online Application System on first login.

A valid and active email address must be provided by applicant since in case you have been selected, letter of offer will be sent to you via this email address.

Step 3 Fill in the Online Application Form.
Step 4 View/Confirm your application. Before confirming your application, ensure that all information is correct.

You have to ascertain that entries made are true and correct. Any wrong or false information entered by you will entail immediate withdrawal of the offer of a seat in the event of your being selected.

    Applicants will not be required to call at the University for application procedures.